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- Medical Acupuncture Level 1:  £49 Sale Price

-Medical Acupuncture Level 2: Coming Soon

-The Tao Of Feeling Awesome Level 1: Coming Soon

Coming Soon in 2021

- Medical Acupuncture Level 1: Live in-person Fully Accredited Workshop -

- Medical Acupuncture Level 2: Live in-person Fully Accredited Workshop -

- Acupressure Massage Diploma:

Live in-person Fully Accredited Workshop -

- Modern Advanced Acupressure:

Live in-person Fully Accredited Workshop -

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Do you want to be the best therapist you can be? Would like to learn the most effective skills to get great results with your clients, time and time again?

There are so many courses and training schools out there, that picking a direction can be a confusing experience. 

I've never been a particularly quick learner, and I would often have to go over material multiple times before it would stick. I've also been on courses before where the techniques were so nuanced, I could barely use any of them in practice and I pretty much wasted my money.

I guarantee that my courses only contain practical, useful methods which you will be able to apply to your clients without problem, and you will be getting great results with them right away.

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