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Muscular stiffness and painful restrictions can gradually build up around the neck, back, shoulders and hips, leaving you feeling tired, in pain and fed up. It is easy to underestimate how much these issues can eat away at your energy and mood and how they can develop into stubborn injuries if left untreated for a period of time, sending you back to square one with exercise.

I know what it's like too, it's so easy to prioritise things other than your self-care when your life is so busy. In the long-run though if you learn to put your wellbeing first, by getting adequate treatments and time for yourself, you're then able to take care of everything, and everyone better.

Having worked with thousands of bodies over a 16 year period, and regulary working with highly demanding athletes and weekend warriors, you will be in the safest of hands.

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​Deep-tissue Acupressure massage is hands down the most satisfying and effective form of soft-tissue work you are likely to come across. Clients are always amazed at how different treatment is compared to other massage approaches and how much more effective it is at releasing even chronic tension.
The problem: The muscles and fascia in your body will get tight due to poor posture, poor movement, inconsistent exercise, poor breathing and / or an excess of stress. All of the above can result in us having tight muscles anywhere in the body, resulting in pain, aching, stiffness and loss of flexibility. Some of the most common areas you feel the tension and restrictions;
  • Head, neck and up shoulders
  • Along the length of the spine
  • Upper back and shoulder blades
  • Lower back and hips
  • The large muscle groups of the legs
Once muscles become tight and restricted, it means they are used less effectively, resulting in further tension, stiffness and eventually pain. The pain or aching you feel in your muscles will normally either be a lack of oxygen through compromised circulation or a build-up of acidic cellular waste in the local lymphatic system.
The treatment: We use very specific, targeted pressure into the areas of tension, creating a sensation of ‘good pain’ or ‘pain with a deep sense of relief’ as the muscles begin to release. We use deep-slow strokes which slowly melt through restrictions, improve local circulation of blood and lymph, break down fascia and help muscles return to their natural supple state. Because the technique is so accurate, we need to ‘work’ the muscles less which means a lot less soreness afterwards when compared to other deep treatments like sports massage.
The result: You can expect to feel freer, lighter, less pain, less stiffness and more balanced. You remember how it feels to feel good in your body. If we work the back and spine – most people find breathing much easier too.
£75 per hour appointment
£325 for a course of 5 sessions
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