Muscle Activating Acupressure
This treatment is an absolute favourite with weekend amateur athletes and world champions alike. There are very few places in the north that offer this type of treatment and even fewer that execute it correctly.
The problem: Through over-training, sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition and traumatic injury, certain areas of the body will start to shut down and become ‘weak’. In a bid to keep moving though, your body will cleverly shift weight distribution and effort to create something called a compensation. A compensation is where one part of the body will end up taking on more than its fair share of effort to keep the body moving. If this compensation isn’t corrected quickly though it too can become a pain, dysfunction or lead to further injury.
Signs you have a compensation:
  • You look or feel out of balance
  • You have areas of disproportionately tight or stiff muscles after training
  • You have a pain or injury
  • You are under-performing
  • You are less flexible than you used to be
You don’t just compensate once though. Normally by the type you notice something is awry – your body has compensated many times and you will have something called a dysfunctional movement pattern. This basically means the timing of each muscle group firing becomes all mixed up, creating further complication.
The treatment: We use very specific acupressure points, targeted with laser-like precision which have an immediate effect of ‘switching on’ under-performing muscles. We work in a way which helps re-establish the correct sequencing patterns – which is basically from the core – outwards.
The result: You feel immediately lighter/stronger when you move and when you return to your sport your performance steps up too. Although you will get some immediate results, all treatment has a cumulative effect and I always highly recommend starting your return to excellence with a course of treatment and continuing with monthly top-ups.
Prices: Start at £75 per hour appointment.