Medical Acupuncture Level 2 UK, Manchester & Clitheroe
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Would you like to deepen your knowledge of Medical Acupuncture?

This course is open to healthcare professionals with prior Medical Acupuncture certification who wish to take their acupuncture practice to the next level.

Becoming certified on this course will allow you to become a member of The Acupuncture Society and gain insurance to practice with Holistic Insurance Services.
What you will learn on this course;
  • How to use acupuncture reflexively for extra segmental analgesia

  • The use of Cun ‘Body-Relative Measurement

  • The safe application of abdominal acupuncture

  • 31 precise Traditional and some lesser known acupuncture points

  • Highly effective protocols for Disc Herniation, Femoral Nerve Pain, Sciatica (2 types), Trigeminal Neuralgia, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, IBS Pain, Costochondritis, Headaches & Migraine (3 types), Arthritis Pain and for the calming of anxious clients

  • The history of cupping therapy

  • The safe application of cupping therapy

  • Integration of cupping with other modalities

Learning to use this form of acupuncture will give you the tools required to effectively treat a range of pain conditions that other therapies cannot touch, and often in a surprisingly short period of time.


How does this course work?

Medical Acupuncture Level 2 is taught online and in person. The theory modules are delivered in easy to manage lessons that you can study at your own pace before the live training. Each section is followed by a short multiple choice quiz or an assignment so that you can monitor your own progress and consolidate your learning.

The live part of the course is taught over two days and will cover demonstrations and an opportunity to practice all 31 traditional acupuncture points and learn more about their application. You will then have access to video recordings of every technique taught for a period of three months following the training, to help back up your learning experience. You will also be invited to bi-monthly live Q&A sessions with Alexander and your fellow students.

To gain certification you will need to demstrate your knowledge with a case-study assignment. Following this you will have the opportunity to join The Acupuncture Society and be guaranteed professional insurance to practice with Holistic Insurance Services.