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Alexander Boylan BSc(Hons) MBAcC


Hi, I'm Alexander I am an expert health practitioner and therapist with a first class reputation here in the North West. Over the years I've helped many people overcome their health issues, from acute pain and long-standing chronic conditions, to helping top class athletes get the edge. If you're looking for help, you're in the right hands.

Therapeutic intervention of any kind shouldn't be just another transaction and it certainly shouldn't ever feel like that. I understand the importance of really taking care of people, so when you become my client, I'm absolutely by your side and rooting for you every step of the way. It doesn't matter whether you're subscribing for a tune up once per week or we're being super focussed as we intensively work through a persistent injury - you will always receive the same level of care and attention.

Having qualified as a massage therapist in 2001, for over 15 years now I have been developing a powerful yet simple system of integrated health based around the principles of Chinese Medicine, Advanced Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage, Postural Alignment, NLP, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Meditation, Detoxification, Physical Exercise, Myofascial Release, Muscle Activation and more. I like to call the seamless application of these therapies 'BodyMind Balancing'. This powerful approach can change careers and lives. My empathic care and guidance helps people overcome the difficulties they are facing. Imagine how good that feels!  

As a fully qualified Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Postural Alignment Specialist, NLP Practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach and Detoxification Coach, I am committed to developing my skills and techniques to their fullest. I have trained with many famous therapists including Richard Bandler, Art Riggs, The Robbins Maddanes Institute, Tony Robbins, Ruth Duncan, The Barral Institute, Master Jefferey Yuen, Dr. Henry Mcann, and Douglas Heel, as well as studying the powerful techniques of Marshall Rosenberg, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz and many more. With the practical application of this knowledge, people all over the region and beyond are feeling the difference each day. Wouldn't you like to find the same sense of freedom?


Available for private onsite work in Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester, Cheshire and the North West of England and beyond.

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