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build a body that feels

Personal Training with

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If you're going to build something magnificent that is going to last, it's imperitive that you lay careful, solid foundations. Here at Addicted To Feeling Awesome, everything is done with great technique, balance and careful attention paid to your posture. Your program is designed for you and nobody else.

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how it works

If you are in need of 1-1 exercise instruction and you are interested in finding out if personal training is right for you, then please get in touch right away by texting or filling in a contact form. We can then schedule your FREE NO OBLIGATION 30 minute consultation and assessment so we can get to know each other a little and get you started on your journey to feeling your best.


You don't need to worry or prepare anything. I will listen to you and guide you right from the first moment, just go with your impulse, take that first step and reach out right now.


You've got this, we've got this and you are in the safest of hands.


personal training

Addicted To Feeling Awesome Personal training provides professional expert guidance to help you to build a balanced body that feels incredible to live in.


Firstly we assess your postural alignment, your pelvic balance and we test your muscle activation, looking for weakness, restriction and compensation patterns.

From here we can begin to design your individual bespoke exercise program, that will help to improve your posture and build strength and flexibility in all the right areas for you. We focus on a wide range of exercises and integrated movements using bodyweight, CV machines, free weights, resistance machines and alternative functional equipment. This means that you will develop amazing all round fitness and you will never get bored or stuck doing the same old exercises. Your program may include any or all of the following;

- plyometrics

- calisthenics

- yoga

- weight lifting

- kettlebell training

- cable machine workouts

- endurance exercise


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