Postural Alignment

The human body has a design blueprint, a functional posture which allows us greatest strength, flexibility and ease of movement. Right now we are in an epidemic of poor posture and unhealthy habits which are taking us away from this design. The result is loss of movement, restriction, pain and injuries. Many therapeutic interventions don't address the root cause of this, which is the way we hold and support ourselves in space and the way we move. Many interventions don't encourage the client to take responsibility for their body and many don't educate the client how to make life long changes.

We express many of our feelings by the way we use our body, dysfunctional posture not only affects us physically, it can also lock us into emotional and behavioural patterns, many of which aren't supportive to our goals.

The Egoscue Method® is the world leader in non-medical pain relief. Since 1971 and with over 25 clinics worldwide, The Egoscue Method has helped thousands of individuals tap into their body’s ability to heal itself and free themselves of chronic pain. This easy and gentle method has a 94% success rate without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation. We teach YOU how to regain control of your health without becoming dependent on another person or a machine.

We believe that your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Think about this: If you cut your arm, it doesn’t stay cut. If you break your leg, it doesn’t stay broken. Why are the herniated discs in your back, your torn meniscus, or your degenerative hip joint any different? The answer is THEY AREN'T! We simply have to give your body a chance to heal. Once that happens, you'll be well on your way to being pain free and living an active lifestyle.

Remember that your body is made to move and there are ZERO design flaws. Also keep in mind that any procedure, therapy, or modality that you choose to eliminate your pain should strive to return you to as close to that flawless design as possible. Egoscue therapists are trained to help you restore hope in your body and get you back to the active lifestyle that you once led.

Although I will always do my very best to accomodate clients as swiftly as possible,I have a limited intake of clients per month for the method, so there may be a wait for for the next available opening.

What do you get?

- Initial 90 minute consultation with detailed postural and functional analysis

- 5 x 60 minute follow up sessions

- A bespoke menu of exercises each visit tailored to target your dysfunction, postural misalignment and eliminate pain

- pdf & video support for all exercises

- Access to iphone app which runs through and times exercises for you

- 3 months email and phone support

- an unparalleled level of service and guidance

The Egoscue Method isn't for everyone, as it is only suitable to those who are committed to taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing. A minimum time to be spent per week executing the exercises will be agreed during the initial consultation.