Deep-tissue Acupressure Massage

All massage is not created equal...

Muscle Activating Acupressure

This treatment is an absolute favourite with weekend amateur athletes and world champions alike. There are very few places in the north that offer this type of treatment and even fewer that execute it correctly.


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Deep-Acupressure Massage

Deep-tissue Acupressure massage is hands down the most satisfying and effective form of soft-tissue work you are likely to come across. Clients are always amazed at how different treatment is compared to other massage approaches and how much more effective it is at releasing even chronic tension.

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Deeply relaxing Acupressure & Reiki

Deeply relaxing Acupressure with Reiki is the ultimate in de-stressing Energy and Soft-tissue work, and you won’t find a treatment like it elsewhere. Head, neck and shoulder massage is seamlessly combined with light acupressure and hands-on energy work and the back and spine, to increase natural flow of energy and induce feelings of deep calm and wellbeing.

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