'Walk Tall Move Beautifully'
Bespoke Postural Alignment and Movement Programs
The human body has a design blueprint, a functional posture which allows us greatest strength, flexibility and ease of movement. Right now we are in an epidemic of poor posture and unhealthy habits which are taking us away from this design. The result is loss of movement, restriction, pain and injuries. Many therapeutic interventions don't address the root cause of this, which is the way we hold and support ourselves in space and the way we move. Many interventions don't encourage the client to take responsibility for their body and many don't educate the client how to make life long changes.

We express many of our feelings by the way we use our body, so dysfunctional posture may not only affect us physically, it can also lock us into emotional and behavioural patterns, many of which aren't supportive to our goals.

The 'Walk Tall - Move Beautifully' program is a guided educational process, consisting of hands - on therapeutic intervention and tailored neuro-muscular, and postural exercises, designed specifically for you as an individual. The program will gradually unwind your many years of compensations and give you the tools to re-educate your nervous system. The goal is to leave you in a state of peak physical balance, with much greater physical awareness and a repertoire of practices which will allow you to continue your active lifestyle for many years to come.

What packages are available?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any exercise equipment?

Yes. You will need a Yoga mat, a Yoga strap and an inflatable Physio ball. I can help you choose the right size and a good brand of everything.

Why is only a package available and not individual sessions?

It's important to understand that unwinding years or decades of compensations, re-aligning your posture and re-educating your nervous system is a process which takes time. It is also a process which is energy intensive for both of us and we need commitment, we need focus and we need a vision. Think of it this way - if you wanted a new kitchen, you wouldn't ask the fitter and design team to swap a couple of cupboards, wait 6 weeks and then do a little bit more work.

Beginning your journey of transformation with a package means that we have a clear initial time frame to work in and we are able to outline our strategy from the outset and ensure that we can choose a period in the year, where we will avoid interruptions and other commitments which may interfere with our flow.

Why can't I just get a set of exercises after my first assessment and see how I get on for a few weeks?

Even the most simple - looking corrective exercise is full of important subtleties which take time to master. You will be provided with video, audio, or pdf resources to support your ability to memorise and continue your exercise program at home. However, even though these resources will mitigate loss of form, the longer you go between occasions of being guided real time by a teacher, the greater the potential margin of error. Incorrect form can easily lead to setbacks which we want to avoid at all costs.

Keeping the initial 3 or 4 appointments especially closer together means that your confidence will build quickly and your progress will be maximised. Each time you come in for an appointment, we will be able to build your personalised program incrementally with appropriate additions and modifications, with each week building on the last.

I won't have time to exercise at home in between sessions, what's the alternative?

If you are unable to complete your personalised plan at least 5 times per week, this service will not be for you unfortunately. If you would like to get in touch with me though I will listen carefully to your current needs and circumstances and give you my very best advice. 

Who is the program appropriate for?

Except in exceptional circumstances, the Walk Tall - Move Beautifully program is for highly active and highly motivated individuals between the ages of 16 - 65. I take a deep sense of pride in my ability to gain results with my clients and this is the demographic of which I have most experience of working with. Working within my experiential range I am able to offer the highest value returns and the most consistent results. I am always happy to refer an individual to a colleague if I believe that they will receive a better or more appropriate service elsewhere.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

Our initial consultation and assessment will give us both a very good idea of how appropriate this type of intervention will be for you and it will also give us a good indication of our personality fit. I am also very up front with everything the service entails and what is required from yourself, which helps to manage our expectations. If we are both in agreement to proceed, together these elements create the foundations for a highly successful journey together and if we both fulfil our roles, dissatisfaction will be highly unlikely.

In the very unlikely event that you are not delighted with my service or the results, just speak to me immediately about your concerns and I will make sure you are listened to and looked after. Providing the highest level of service to you is and always will be my priority. I believe when two humans work together with the right knowledge, the right mindset and the right resources - we will be unstoppable!

What are the full terms and conditions of service?

You will be sent these following your initial consultation and following your application to commence our program.