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Connect with me on Facebook: No, I don't have an FB account. Statistically people who don't use it are happier. I like to keep my good vibes to share with you!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Nope sorry! Free information is a wonderous thing, unfortunately free misinformation comes in the same package. I have hundreds of hours of material I could share for days but I don't believe in dogma or a one-size fits all solution for anything. Everything has a context, so I tailor treatments, information, audios, videos, meditations or any Well Being practice for you, my individual client. Not for the masses. God is in the detail. True story.

Add me on Instagram: Yep, you've guessed it... this isn't for me either. There's nothing wrong with using social media, as long as it truly works for you. For me, I find it too distracting and anything that distracts, takes energy away from my focus of providing the highest level of service to my clients. I'm not chasing ways of making more money online either, I'm chasing ways of refining my practice, deepening my connection to those I already have the pleasure of working with, and being able to consistently serve to the best of my ability.

If you think you'd like to work with me, please message me or call me. I have contact forms all over the website and my phone number is freely available too. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

Opening Hours

North West of England:

I am available for onsite appointments and consultancy throughout the week for Professional Footballers and Professional Athletes. My sessions range from a minimum of 2 hours, to in-depth comprehensive support and treatment packages.


Mindful & careful attention to detail come as standard.


Please get in touch using the contact form below to find out more about my services and pricing.



Enquiries from beyond the North West of England are welcome too of course.

Why not send me a quick enquiry?

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