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Alexander is highly professional in his entire approach to his clients. He is also extremely caring and attentive, both during and after therapy. He also has a very interesting and refreshing take on his work.

Friðrik Ellert Jónsson (Head Physiotherapist Iceland National Team)

"After our first session, I immediately felt 5 years younger."

Theo Walcott

"I started having treatment with Alex in February 2011 when I tore my trapezius for some myofascial release. I am a competitive CrossFitter and this was just before our qualification season began so I needed to be fit enough to compete. Since then I have continued my treatment at Re-creation for various injuries and general maintenance. I have had deep tissue therapy, acupuncture, muscle activation, cupping and general massage from Alex, all of which helped me keep training and competing at a high standard."


Sam Briggs; Crossfit Games World Champion 2013 // 1st place finish at the English Olympic Lifting Championship 2013 (58kg category) // 1st place finish at CrossFit London Throwdown 2013 & 2012 // 4th place finish at CrossFit World Games 2011 // 8th (25-29yrs) ITU World Duathlon Championships 2010 // Lightweight British Indoor Rowing Champion 2010 and 2009.

"I was introduced to Alex by a fellow Crossfitter. I was struggling with a shoulder injury, which was stopping me from training in the way I wanted. I had tried physios, Chiropractors, and sports massage. All gave temporary relief but the pain and stiffness quickly came back and the whole vicious circle would repeat itself. I had my first appointment with Alex, he used techniques I had not experienced from the other therapists and looked holistically for reasons/ causes etc. I can honestly say that after my first appointment my shoulder never regressed back to the state it had been in. It did take further appointments but I always felt I was making progress and importantly for me I could continue training. Since then Alex has sorted several pains, injuries, mobility issues for me. I no longer use physios or chiropractors, I do have regular sports massage to aid recovery but if I ever have injuries or issues that need more I book in with Alex. I travel from leeds to Manchester for appointments but know its always going to be worth it."


Nicola Simpson (Pro Thai Boxing & Crossfit)

“I have pleasure in recommending Alexander Boylan of Re-creation to any one who is looking for alternative therapy to painkillers. I am very pleased with his abilities and commitment. I have been particularly impressed by his devotion to work (unlike the previous massage  therapists, who always worked looking at the clock). I found Alexander by googling for an alternative therapist specialising in pain relief as I suffered from long standing muscular sprain and stiffness in my back. Thanks to his skillful manipulation of the stiff muscles, I can perform to the best of my abilities after each therapy session and I can also feel a more prolonged state of relaxation in my muscles after few therapy sessions. Being a clinical cardiologist doing long procedures on patients myself, I am very convinced Alexander has the knowledge, abilities and the commitment to be an expert in his field. I would recommend Alexander unreservedly.”

 Dr.Palaniappan Saravanan MD MRCP
 Specialist Registrar in Cardiology.

"Since knowing Alexander and having my bodywork with my posture has improved immensely, after having sports injury to my hips Alexander's professional input has not only improved my hips but leaves me feeling they are 100% better. I no longer have pain and feel more flexible he has worked on exercise programmes for me which i do daily, I will continue to keep my treatment with Alex, I highly recommend all treatment from Alexander Boylan."


Callum Brady FCC Welterweight Champion

"Not sure what you did, whereas after 12 sessions of physio my SI joint problem was still there, after 4 sessions with you it is better. Thanks."



"Whilst training for the Manchester 10K I developed severe pain in my shins and calves when I stepped up my training. I found Alex’s details online and decided I would give it a go. After three sessions the pain was gone and I completed the Manchester 10k in 1 hour 12 minutes and 57 seconds! Without these sessions with Alex I would either not have been able to compete, or I would have had to walk the entire distance."



"I can't recommend 'Re-Creation Manchester' highly enough. I've been treated on a number of occasions for muscular problems and joint stiffness, and the staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and discreet. In my case, as a martial artist, the Deep Tissue massage was a revelation, and I found my physical well-being and performance much improved"


"I had difficulty with a hip problem that would not resolve, walking any distance caused problems and I thought it would always be with me. I went to Alex for help with a totally unrelated back problem and the treatment he provided was effective and complete. Not only did he treat my back, the the hip problem was also found and dealt with and has never returned. Alex provides a warm welcome and comfortable environment. He inspires a sense of confidence in his clients, is enthusiastic and committed to providing appropriate treatment."


Sue K

"I visited Re-Creation for stress and anxiety. Alexander was both professional and empathetic as well as being knowledegable and a great therapist. 

The treatment was amazing with instant and ongoing results. I eagerly returned the following week for a second treatment.

The setting in which the therapy is carried out calm and relaxing and I would highly recommend Re-Creation for acupuncture."


"I initially received acupuncture treatment from Alexander a few years ago for stress, general aches and pains etc and was very impressed with the results. On a couple of occasions the relief from a painful shoulder was instantaneous. Having recently been extremely anxious over a recent problem with my vision and health problems preceding this, I contacted Alexander again. Immediately following treatments, I found myself feeling less stressed and anxious and back to my usual self within a short time.

Alexander has a holistic approach and includes advice on exercise and general well being and I would highly recommend Alexander."

Gail Lancaster


I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain now for almost 25 years I have been to see many therapists such as,  chiropractor’s,  osteopaths, healers, physiotherapists, and lots of different types of massage, none of which has ever had any real long term affect, I decided to try Alexander Boylan  about six months ago I had never tried an Acupuncturists mainly because of a fear of needles  However when I met Alex he made me feel very safe and comfortable  he listens to you and explains to you what he is going to do and ,  I was very impressed by his knowledge and confidence in his work after my first session with him  I still was not sure if he could make any real difference to my pain,  I decided  to have a few more sessions with Alex and was starting to feel much better than I had felt for years I was not noticing my pain for the first time as it is always there it seemed to fade  away also my energy levels improved and I was sleeping much better  for the first time in many years.  Alexander is the only person who successfully cured my sciatica in just two sessions I was going to my physio therapist recommended by my  doctor for 18 weeks with sciatica and it did not improve at all in that time , I would highly recommend Alexander  to anyone  he is a dedicated sincere professional  with unlimited knowledge about the human body and how to treat it.   
Valerie Lovell

"After struggling with my back, neck and shoulder on and off for almost a year, I visited Alexander who not only fixed the problem but six months on and I have no further complaints. I would recommend Alex to anyone. He provides a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment and it is ever apparent how much he cares about the work he delivers; considering the patient and the lifestyle as a ‘whole’. Thankyou, Alexander! "




"I have been living with sciatic pain for about 10 years and I eventually got used to the idea of sharing my life with the pain. Unfortunately I hurt my lower back during a 5K run, I was devastated, I had to rest in bed for a whole week taking the maximum amount of painkillers that the body could accept. I could not see any sign of recovery, then I started going to see Alexander and within two sessions I was able to deal with my daily routine and 3 months from then I am running 10k in 1 hour! Alexander has brought my life back on track, no lower back or sciatic pain, and for the first time in a long time I don’t need painkillers to have a normal life. Thank you very much Alexander."


“I have suffered with a neck problem – stemming from an old sports injury and exacerbated by a stressful lifestyle – for several years. The pain in my neck, upper back, shoulders and arms was, at times, unbearable. Having attended
numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists with varying levels of relief, I decided, on a recommendation from a friend, to try acupuncture. After four consultations with Alexander, the improvement was amazing. Whilst I don’t honestly whether my condition will ever be fully cured – only time will tell – I do know that I no longer suffer the debilitating pain. I continue to visit Alexander on a monthly basis and would recommend him to anybody suffering with a similar problem.”

Gary Jenkins

“I had been suffering from Temporomandibular joint Pain, Tinnitus, facial, head and neck pain for 3 and a half years when I met Alex. I had tried various other treatments with osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists with varying success. My pain was noticeably stuck on the right hand side of my face and had been for years. In my first acupuncture treatment with Alex there was a noticeable emotional and physical shift, as if a blockage was removed. Since that first treatment my pain reduced enormously and was no longer fixed. The tinnitus has disappeared. I continue to improve with Alex and my appointments are now reduced after only 6 treatments. Alex is incredibly dedicated to his work (continually updating and adding to his traditional medicine knowledge and practice). He works with his client to find an appropriate approach to treatment for that individual. I would recommend that anyone who has been stuck in a chronic pain cycle for a long time to consult with Alex to find an appropriate treatment. “


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