Therapeutic Approaches


Truly an Ancient Therapy for a Modern World! Acupuncture uses ultra fine sterilised needles to create therapeutic change in the mind and body. Fantastic for (but not limited to) Pain, Stress, Anxiety, IBS, Depression, Headaches and Migraines.

Deep-tissue massage with Acupressure

Proper massage as it should be. Targeting muscular tightness and stiffness with lazer-beam accuracy or bringing about deep relaxation through precise touch and energy work.


Postural Alignment

Modern living has brought about an epidemic of terrible posture, poor biomechanics and 'motion starvation'. Find out how we can get you back to walking tall once more.


Hypnosis, Guided Meditation and NLP

Re-establishing a strong Mind-Body connection is a crucial step in becoming the strongest version of yourself. The clever use of words, memory and imagery help us to condition your emotions to become the facilitator of progress and not the inhibitor.



"Used on two separate occasions when I put my back out and only took a couple of sessions. Alexander is a lovely fella and really put me at ease. Lovely clinic environment and respectful of my dignity at all times. Highly recommend."

Stuart Dillon

"I've been to Alexander Boylan since 2012 on a monthly basis. Best deep tissue massage in Manchester, he knows where it aches and targets those areas relieving my pain. Very good service and would highly recommend to anyone!"

Mrs W. Griffiths