Walk Tall & Move Beautifully
1-1 Postural Alignment & Movement Coaching
Would you like to be able to walk tall and move beautifully with better posture? Would you like to feel physically aligned and be able to perform to the best of your potential?

A sedentary modern lifestyle, including sitting, driving and general fatigue can rob us of our true height and stature, meaning that we can no longer move as freely and gracefully as we were designed to.

Poor posture, stooping, and incorrect movement patterns are at the heart of the vast majority of physical complaints, such as injuries and performance issues. Unless dealt with, these can develop into chronic injuries and irrevesable changes to the structure of your body, leading to chronic physical pain and loss of the ability to exercise and conduct everyday tasks.

Inside you may feel self-conscious or frustrated that you're under-performing or you've lost your shape.

I believe that you were born to move beautifully and it is your birthright to live in a pain-free body.

I too suffered for many years because of my posture, with back, neck and shoulder problems and re-occuring injuries through training. Becoming the master of my own posture has been a key ingredient to Feeling Awesome and as every year goes by, I feel fitter and stronger as I'm able to exercise daily without fear of pain injury.

I've trained with the Egoscue Institute and I am a certified JEMS Movement Practitioner. Combine this with over 16 years experience of working up close with thousands of bodies, there are few therapists who will understand your posture and your movement patterns like I can. The longer you leave addressing your poor posture, the worse it may get and the consequences can become more damaging. All you need to do to begin your your transformative journey is;

1. Get in touch and arrange your free no-obligation assessment.
2. Commit to a personalised 1-1 Postural Alignment program.
3. Do your practice daily.
4. Reap the benefits of your amazing body!

Get in touch with me today and let's make it happen.

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