Welcome to the new website!

Hey guys! Welcome indeed to the new website. It is the fruits of my labour for the last week or so. I hope you like it! As anything like this, it will be a work in progress, but the general theme and layout is all complete, and you have before you the latest information in regards to my current range of services.

Geographically my current situation is this - in Manchester I have a waiting list of regulars (fresh enquiries welcome too of course), and each month I am booking around 4 full days at the St. Ann's square clinic and offering appointments to all those who have their names down. I've also finally made the decision to go 'full tilt' with setting up a clinic here in Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley and I'm SO excited to get going with this project because I have bags of energy to share right now, and am eager to put it to fabulous use. My consulting at Everton FC is still on hold due to COVID-19 cut backs, but I have been keeping busy down in Cheshire and working over Zoom, working privately with footballers from teams all over the North West and even in Europe. Invitations to work abroad have been coming in too but Brexit & COVID are proving an obstacle too many at this moment in time! Oh well, the time will come. :)

The other big news is that I am also going ahead with starting my own training school and have already made big progress towards getting several courses written and accredited. There's no official launch date for the ATFA Academy at this moment in time, but I will keep everyone up to date with that one. The final announcement is that the Addicted To Feeling Awesome YouTube channel is getting launched this July and it promises to be packed with tips, wisdom and insight into the world of therapeutic intervention and self-care practices. I really CAN'T WAIT to get going with this one too.

Thank you so much for reading, dudes and dudettes! Big love, stay Awesome and I will be back with another blog very soon. Peace! X

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