RSI, Tennis Elbow & Golfers Elbow

A big thank you to Daniel, a young client of mine (who is an up and coming drummer) for telling me about this piece of kit. I'm finally hopeful that I will be able to fix my knackered old wrists. After multiple breaks & dislocations from wrestling, BJJ and boxing and RSIs from tens of thousands of hours of giving massage, my wrists have become somewhat compromised over the years, but after my first use on this bar I can already tell that I'm onto a winner.

My brand new therapy toy gets a great big ATFA thumbs up...

So this, ladies and gentlemen is a Theraband Flexbar aka Therabar (this is actually a cheaper version from PhysioRoom) and it is designed to help strengthen your wrists and forearms in a plethora of ways. It comes in for different colours, with each one offering a graded level of resistance.

You can purchase your own bar from here;

There's no need for me to make any videos for it's use though, because this young man from Access Chiropractic, has it covered. Check out these following videos;

How to treat tennis elbow with your Flexbar:

How to treat golfers elbow:

You can include these exercises too for a really comprehensive wrist and forearm workout;

For anybody out there who I just saved a costly trip to see a physio? You. Are. Welcome.

Take care Dudes and Dudettes! Love,


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