Deeply relaxing Acupressure & Reiki

Deeply relaxing Acupressure with Reiki is the ultimate in de-stressing Energy and Soft-tissue work, and you won’t find a treatment like it elsewhere. Head, neck and shoulder massage is seamlessly combined with light acupressure and hands-on energy work and the back and spine, to increase natural flow of energy and induce feelings of deep calm and wellbeing.

The problem: Modern life is stressful, especially when you have responsibility and you try not to cut too many corners. We are over taxed and over stimulated from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed. This takes its toll on our adrenal glands, the autonomic nervous system and the flow of energy through our chakras and meridians.

Signs we are stressed and suffering from over-stimulation:

  • You can’t quite catch your breath

  • Your mind is racing or looping with similar thoughts

  • You feel tense in your body or suffer headaches

  • You feel stressed, depressed or anxious

  • Sleep isn’t great and we wake up through the night

  • Your energy is low and you can’t cope with any extra burden


The aim of our treatment: Restriction in the fascia, nerve endings and energetic blockages in the head and neck area can impact the flow of energy through the whole of the spine and the rest of the body. We use gentle and precise acupressure points to first release tension in the head, neck and facial area to open up these channels and begin to release some of the pent up feelings of physical and emotional stress. The rest of the treatment uses alternating acupressure points around the back, spine and sacrum and uses hands on Reiki (Energy Healing) to gradually lower stress hormones, dissolve energetic blockages and guide body and mind, deep into your parasympathetic (healing) nervous system.

The result you can expect: You can breathe once again! Increased energy, reduction in stress-related symptoms, better sleep and increased feelings of wellbeing are often reported. Feeling calmer and more centred is something clients often share with me too. You may feel more emotional to start with but over time, the treatments will help clear away the debris for a more positive outlook as you start to feel like your old self again.


These techniques are used in conjunction with other therapies. My current availability is limted to onsite appointments using a fully integrated therapeutic approach. These start at £300 for a 2 hour session.