Chronic Injuries & The Injury Prone Body

Dealing with chronic injuries or a body which has become prone to frequent strains, tears and niggles can be confusing and deeply frustrating, leaving you feeling anxious and rapidly losing confidence in your body and within yourself. There are times when we feel like we are trying everything within our power to heal quickly, yet, we continue to hit set backs. Sometimes the people around us trying to help can begin to start projecting their own limitations on us, starting to question your commitment and even suggesting indirectly or even bluntly that 'it's all in your head'. The result is not a helpful one and only serves to make you feel stressed and even more isolated, despairing that you find yourself in this position and feeling that you need to prove yourself even more.

The fact is, very few people have a rounded enough appreciation of the human body and psyche to approach rehabilitation thoroughly enough and on sufficient levels to guide an individual out of said chronic despairing state and back into a position of peak athletic performance. In my experience, people also frequently underestimate the focus required for the road to recovery but also they underestimate just how good it feels when you breakthrough to the other side and back into your best shape. When people first contact me, they often raise their eyebrows when I insist on a minimum of 2 hrs (often more) per appointment, but as soon as they've experienced a treatment at my hands they will begin to appreciate my methods. A body riddled in compensationary movement patterns needs thoroughly assessing and unpicking, so we can begin to re-establish the correct balance and movement sequencing required to perform at your best and feel awesome in the process.

I believe it is your birthright to feel incredible on a daily basis. It's time to shed those limitations and become the best version of yourself to date. It's time to feel Awesome. Be it. Feel it. Get Addicted.