BodyMind Balancing

BodyMind Balancing is the Ultimate Solution for chronic or re-occuring injuries and improving Athletic or Sporting Performance.

Posture: All humans have a design blueprint, where we can access maximum efficiency of movement, strength and power. When our load joints are properly positioned at 90 degree angles to each other, it sets the foundation for us to become the best and strongest version of ourselves. We call this balance from left to right, front to back, Postural Alignment.

Sequencing: Every time that you move, you are conditioning established movement patterns or teaching your body something new. The decline into multiple compensation patterns is often gradual and may go unnoticed until injury sets in. With specific movements, we have specific demands that we place on the body. The body must then respond by using the right muscle groups, at the right time in the correct order. BMB not only gets rid of injuries at the roots - it spots and resets compensation patterns before they become a problem. Regular treatments will significantly reduce the chance of your body becoming injured. When your body is optomised from head to toe, you can reach new heights of athletic performance.

Movement: Once compensation patterns have been carefully broken up and re-set, we need to train the body to move in it's new state of balance. The methods within the JEMS approach, with it's understanding of Functional Force Management will guide you to explore more natural and efficient ways to move beautifully.

Emotion: This is ultimately the source of the energy which drives us, if you're at the mercy of it then you are subject to fluctuations in mood, motivation and performance. If you don't know how to properly experience, process and recycle negative emotions, you will become stuck tired and in pain. With the proper guidance you can become a Master of Emotion and use this energy to drive you forwards each day, maintaining peak performance states that permeate through all facets of your life.

Energy / Chi: Over thousands of years, Taoists and Yogi's worldwide have developed systems of health optomisation such as Pranayama, Nei Gung, Chi Gung, Yoga, and Tai Chi which teach us to move, increase and store Chi within the body. If you become disconnected from this natural circulation within your system and your environment, you may fall victim to depletion of energy, poor sleep, and compromised physical and emotional health. Chi is the invisible force that courses through your body and can be trained and manipulated to transform your wellbeing and increase your energy to unbelievable levels.

BodyMind Balancing is a service which will significantly reduce the incidents of injuries in any sporting setting. It is available now for onsite appointments & consultation at your home or training facility.