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bodymind coaching

Do you want to feel better? Maybe you'd like to feel incredible both physically & mentally?

Modern life and daily stresses can really take a chunk out of you, leaving you feeling fed up, tired, overwhelmed and in need of some support.

I've been there many times myself and it's difficult to know where to turn. But, I also know that you can and will overcome it and that you are probably underestimating just how good you can actually feel when you get to the other side.

I believe it is your birthright to enjoy your life and to enjoy the full potential your body has to offer.

I've got the experience of tens of thousands of hours of practice over a 17 year period and I've worked with some of the best performers and athletes on the planet. I have a wide-ranging and unique skill set and I'm ready and waiting to help you take your Mind & Body to the next level. 

Get in touch today and book your first session.

What is Coaching?

Support: First and foremost, Coaching is about support. It’s about having someone really listen to you. And for most of us, this can be a really refreshing experience, because it isn’t often that we can talk unfiltered about how we feel without any fear of being judged or criticised. I take a lot of pride in being able to hold a space where people feel safe to do just that.

Goals: When you embark on any course of coaching, you will almost always have a goal or a set of goals in mind, and although a lot of different things can come up during your coaching journey, ultimately your coach will help you to initially design & refine goals which are right for you and throughout the process they will be assisting you towards that predetermined outcome.

Conversations: Coaching is basically a series of impactful conversations. Even regular conversations and venting to friends and family can be really helpful, but conversations can be infinitely more constructive when a trained professional is on the receiving end of your communication. It’s not uncommon to have regular mental breakthroughs when speaking to a trained coach because they’re trained to listen out for elements of your speech which may reflect things like unconscious beliefs which are holding you back. The times I’ve had the privilege of asking a client the right question at the right time has been a magical experience. You get to see this look of enlightenment and you know for that person that things are never quite going to be the same again.

Guidance: When you work with your coach, you will be receiving expert guidance from them. Most coaches have their own specialised experience and they will know the terrain of the areas you need to work on very well. I always say a good coach has done everything the long way the wrong way and the hard way, so you don’t have that drudgery to go through. They can use their life experience to share their life hacks and shortcuts to success with you.

Personal Growth: Coaching is most definitely about personal growth. The person who enters a coaching process is not the same person who comes out of the other side. Coaches take pride in assisting you to grow and develop as you ultimately become more conscious of your own behaviours, in order to accelerate the speed at which you can move forward in life. For myself, being coached and becoming a coach were transformational experiences for me and it’s hard to imagine just how different things were before I embarked on the journey.

What is BodyMind Coaching?

BodyMind Coaching is an intergrated approach to mental, emotional and energetic wellness, and has it's roots in Strategic Intervention Coaching and healing practices from the Taoist tradition, among other influences. Strategic Intervention Coach training was designed by the founder of the Life Coach industry Tony Robbins and the world renowned psychotherapist Chloe Madanes. SI as it is also known uses highly effective strategies for helping people to understand their own behaviours, to break through limitations and elevate consciousness to discover their true purpose. Also at the core of the method is something called Human Needs Pscychology, which offers a delightfully user-friendly model to help understand the driving forces in our own lives and how to relate more deeply to others.
Taoism is the philosophy from which Chinese Medicine developed, and offers many great healing energetic practices such as Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Taoist Yoga and Meditation. Chi Kung uses the breath and gentle movements to circulate energy around the body, Nei Kung uses the mind and somatic awareness to manipulate and direct energy to where it is needed in the body. Taoist Yoga uses gentle postures and intricate breathwork to nourish the internal organs and Taoist Meditation uses sounds and virtues to create deep healing. Although many of these practices were originally conceived centuries or even millennia ago, they are relevant right now more than ever. I take great pleasure in sharing this wisdom with my clients as they learn to make themselves stronger and more resilient to the challenges that modern life can throw at them.

In between our coaching conversations you will be committing to daily practices which will be an integral part of your transformative process.

Why have coaching?

You are unhappy: Typically you somebody will need to seek a professional like myself if they are unhappy with something. They wouldn’t necessarily need to be completely unhappy or depressed, but it is very usual to seek the assistance of a coach if there is an area of your life that you’re unhappy with and you feel that it’s time to make a change.

You struggle with your energy: Low energy and lethargy would be really great reasons to get in touch because these types of issues are almost always due to imbalances in both mind and body. This is most definitely an area of my experience and expertise which I love to share with my clients.

Your mental health: Low mood, anxiety and even depression are all conditions which I am very familiar working with. I’ve been very fortunate to discover the tools for becoming the architect of your own emotional state using a recipe which involves specific nutrition, use of language, breathing, meditation, focus and exercise. Learning to artfully manage your emotional state is a life skill you cannot do without.

Personal challenges: Getting in touch to access some support when you’re going through personal challenges can be a very wise move, and Coaching has helped myself and my clients through some very difficult times. Being coached will mean you are receiving the support which you need, which will allow you in turn, to be a greater source of support for those around you. This will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and build your self-esteem nicely. Having somebody to hold you accountable for doing the things you know you need to do can be a vital part of the process in navigating difficult times too, and a coach can do just that for you.

Health imbalances: BodyMind Coaching can help with a number of health imbalances too, such as issues with digestion and other stress related conditions. Sleep issues are also a speciality of mine and are certainly best remedied with an integrated BodyMind approach.

Behaviour change: Another great reason to work with a coach is to get support with changing habits or behaviours. It’s so easy to get stuck and frustrated when trying to change habits and behaviours on your own, but having someone help you to understand your deeper motivations and provide you with some fresh strategies can be an absolute blessing. The temptation is always to try and control the behaviours you don't want, but a skilled coach such as myself can help you work with your needs and desires which can result in significantly less effort than you'd imagine.

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